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Monday, March 28, 2005

Backpackin' Pick Ups - Part I

With the arrival of Spring, attention turns to doing alot more camping. While I have enough gear to head into the mountains with everything I need, I seem to come up with ways every year in which to make my gear lighter& better. Its a never ending quest familiar to all wilderness campers... to take weight out of your pack, while constantly improving on the gear you have, and how it is packed and used. This year, some significant changes are ahead....

Going to be replacing my big old bulky Coleman stove for an MSR Superfly or Pocket Rocket. So long to those big old propane tanks.

I have always used a head lamp for camping trip, and always had the same problems...They take up too much room, and they eat batteries in no time at all. Recently, I stumbled upon this mini task light at Radioshack. It will replace the head lamps this year. Fits comfortably behind the ear, has a bright beam, runs on 20 hour batteries, and is about the size of one AA battery. (as opposed to the battery pack on my head lamp alone having room for four AA batteries....) And....the best part....its only $13.

EMS will supply a new boots, pack and sleeping pad, although I am currently undecided on the specific model as of yet. More to come on that. A trip to my local EMS outlet this weekend for some odds and ends produced a new Granite Gear compression sack for my sleeping bag, and some good ole Mountain Suds

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