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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Oh, there will be bottlenecks...

According to a recent study, the Delaware/Maryland shore area is ranked 3rd in the country for traffic bottlenecks over 4th of July weekend.

Interstate 64 in the Tidewater region of southeastern Virginia is second on the group's list of vacation bottlenecks, followed by the Maryland-Delaware shore, Branson, Missouri, and North Carolina's Outer Banks.
Rounding out the Top 10 are Cape Cod, the Jersey Shore, California's Napa Valley, the Amish country of Pennsylvania and the Catskill Mountains in New York.

Im heading to the beach late this Friday after work. Hopefully, the only bottleneck I encounter that night is the good kind.

Happy 4th of July

Friday, June 10, 2005

Personal Navy.

Want your own battleship, or submarine perhaps? Yeah, me too. Its a common problem. Not enough affordable combat vessels priced to own by Joe E. Public.

Unless you are William Terra of Maine. Mr. Terra has built himself a 1:20 scale model of the Bismarck, complete with a working music system, and engine making 15mph, for 2 people. Yes, he sails her. You can see the entire project here, but if like me you just want to roll on the floor clutching your belly and gasping for breath between laughs, just see the pic below.

Yes, as beautiful and impressive as the model is, the image of ol' Cap'n Terra in his little battleship complete with skippers cap is clearly the highlight.
Of course, if you want to sink the old coot, look no further than the Kraka, I assume a name influenced by angry white men, as in, "the Angry Kracka!" ....built by Peter Madsen and Claus Nørregaard. A fully submersible mini submarine. Yes, I shit you not.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

N57 Air show

Come one, come all...a good time for all. My airport has its annual air show this Sunday, June 12th. Details here. Ive been almost every year for many years now, and it gets to be more fun every year! Looking forward to it. The highlight for me will be seeing my friend Roger , one of the finest Cub pilots in the world, perform his "flying farmer" act in a J3 cub. As you can see in the picture below...he likes to land his plane on the roof of a speeding truck known as the "teenie weenie airport"....amongst other amazing things.

Roger and his Cub
Also looking forward to the great Matt Chapman and his breathtaking aerobatic routine. And, as always, ill stare at "Frenesi" and drool. (One of my favorite aircraft in the world)
Gates open at 9:00am
Pancake breakfast 9:00am til noon
Airplane and Helicopter rides
Antique and Classic car show at 10:00am
Museum open for free tours 10:00am
Air Show starts at Noon
Adults $15.00 day of show $12.00 in advance at airport office no later than 5:00pm Saturday
Children 7 through 12 $5.00 $4.00 in advance
Children 6 and under free
Free Parking

Click "MAP" for directions

WWII Planes:
FG1-D CorsairB-25 Mitchell BomberFM-2 WildcatT-6 TexanPT-19 FairchildO-2 CessnaDH82A Tiger MothDHC-1 Chipmunk
Matt Chapman and his CAP 231EXJames Beasley P-51 Aerobatics.Kevin Russo Aerobatics in his SNJ-6, Navy version of T-6 Texan ... not Secret Navy Jet - 6 !! Roger Lehnert's "The Flying Farmer" and his Car-Top Landing
Don " Beetle" Bailey in his L-29 Jet Aerobatics
Parachute Drops featuring Free Fall Adventures Dive TeamAlpha Squadron Model RC Aircraft DemonstrationHelicopter & Airplane RidesAntique Car ShowSouvenirsPancake Breakfast
Featuring Jim Beasley Jr. in his P-51 Mustang, Frenesi

Catching up....

Excuse my absence...1 part busy, 2 parts lazy. So much to catch up on, but ill do it quickly...

5/26 was my birthday and started one of the best weekends ive ever had. Thursday was off to the Del Rose for a birthday drink. Alot of friends turned out, old & new to wish me a happy birthday...I was very flattered by it and suprised. I couldnt ask for better friends....A good time was had by all. From what they tell me.

My girlfriend had been bugging me for weeks about a suprise she had for me the following Friday. It turned out to be one of the best gifts I could ever want. She took me to Horizon Helicopters for an intro ride. Basically a 40 minute romp around Delaware in an Endstrom chopper. It was amazing. The pilot turned out to fly airplanes out of the same airport as me, so we hit it off early. He pretty much took off and landed, and I was at the controls the rest of the time, never breaking 700 feet. Lots of amazing views form that altitude. SO much fun. After the real flight I got to play with Horizons full simulator, which was a blast too. The instructors were impressed with my ability to fly a Helicopter fairly well without any instruction. Got the cogs turning. If it didnt cost $15k and then another $100k for a chopper, they'd still be turning! The people at Horizon couldnt have been nicer to us, and left Courtney and I shaking our heads days afterwards at the great experience we both had. Simply unforgetable. I have a few snap shots that Courtney took that I will put up soon, ...right now my new computer isnt all set up for adding the pics...but soon! promise.

Horizon's Endstrom Helicopter

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