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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The Lord shall stop thine traffic.

I read this on DEonline today and just about fell off my chair laughing. Its from an article about beach goer's snarling up the traffic for miles around....

"I'm a Christian and I have learned a Scripture to always be content in whatever state you're in," said Arner, who has lived there for 50 years. She is accustomed to sitting at the edge of her driveway in her car, blinker blinking away. "I have to keep asking the Lord to help me with that when I'm thinking, when am I going to get a break?"

Seriously, God. Please stop paying attention to national disasters, sick children and putting your sons image on a god damn grilled cheese and help this lady put the old Pontiac on the street, would ya? And if you cant do that, please allow her to be comfortable sitting in the driveway with the blinker going and all that. What is it, your day off!?! Sheesh.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Its electric. (boogie, woogie, woogie.)

From an awesome 4th of July weekend, Court & I.

Damn, VH1....

Im just home from work and flipping channels. VH1 is running a show called "Wacky kids names" or something. Now, I would be the first to agree that pretentious actors really get on my nerves when they get on this whole trip that since they are so deep and artistic, it means the kids have to suffer with rediculous names for life, but this is a bit...over the line. they are making fun of every 3 month to 5 year old "kid-of-a-star", including photos of said kids, and not so witty "comedians" making fun of the poor kids names. Surely not going to help the poor little bastards in school....


All Access: Awesomely Wacky Celebrity Baby Names features a panel of comedians and celebrity journalists to look at the wildest, weirdest and most shocking names of Hollywood's offspring.

So come celebrate Hollywood's hottest trend of outrageous baby naming and join VH1 in saying "You know you're a star when your kid's name is Pirate."

Dizamn. That aint right.

Observations of a Corporate Lackey....

  • I get more junk mail at the office than at home. "Sign up to get your blood pressure checked", "Its hot dog special week in the Cafe", "Jim in accounting on the other side of North America had a baby..."
  • I get hit up for money more often at work than I do at home, in Big Wilmy-ton. At least the people here admit its for someone's birthday or bridal shower and not because they "ran out of gas" (apparently the standard in pan-handling excuses in the greater Trolley Square region) But seriously, I'm here to make the crappy wage you pay me. You think I want to turn around and invest that it some broads dining set?
  • I'm often curious why the guy who just walked into the bathroom behind me felt he needed to lock himself in a stall to do #1. The 4 urinals are spaced far enough apart that 2 men can complete the operation without it being too uncomfortable of an experience.
  • Every email that comes from the managers about a new procedure or law is guaranteed to come with at least 3 "follow up" emails to clarify the first bullshit they sent me. And they will never...Learn.
  • If you don't want to see me on the internet, id suggest moving my desk from outside of your door. Nosey ass.
  • If your "team leader" spends the majority of the day playing air guitar at his desk, you are underpaid.
  • You cant call a department "Quality" when the work done in said department is anything but.
  • Its :15 minutes until I get to go home. Stay tuned to see my new tracking device. (you shall see)

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Yeah, man.

Bad taste? Just a lil' bit.

No accounting for taste in Deerfield Beach, FL.

Over the holiday weekend, the town had its own fireworks display, complete with loudspeakers blaring "God Bless America". Nothing unsual about that....

Except that the version of "God Bless" that they used included excerpts of phone calls made from the twin towers during 9/11.

About 70,000 people had gathered to celebrate the Fourth of July when the song "God Bless the U.S.A." was played. The version had voices of people recorded during the terror attacks.
One voice on the mix said, "Oh my God, another plane has just hit." Another said, "Some of the casualties are in the collapsed building."
People at the celebrations said the mood of the night changed when the song was played.

Yeah. I should think so. Vince Kendrick, the town's director of parks and recreation, went on to say "If it was Memorial Day, no one would have minded".

Yes, its true. As Americans, we wish t spend Holidays listening to the last terrified words of people who in moments will be dead, at the hands of terrorists. Holy shit people. What the hell is wrong with Florida!?

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The death of Delaware Blogging?

I once had a blog that I used to cover politics. I think my biggest inspiration to start it, with the exception of needing a place to vent my frustrations, was the growing pool of local blogs covering similar subjects. I havent checked back with alot of them since I gave up my own blog, but when I did today...I was a little suprised. Ryan had, which now, as you can see, suggests he call the billing department, as the account is suspended. Delavoice, which was by far the most popular local blog pertaining to politics, hasnt updated since May. Hubes Cube has a banner stating the site "no longer exists". (that aint a bad thing.) Maybe we're just all at the beach.

There are still some good blogs that are still kickin'. See Blogolution, Sneaking Suspicions and DanNation for politcal fun amongst other things. (Dan isnt from DE, but for a long time I thought he was. So, he qualifies.)

For just plain fun reads check out The Delawarean, Henna, Matt Hearn, Mike, and me. Sometimes. Apparently.

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