By Land, By Air

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The Lord shall stop thine traffic.

I read this on DEonline today and just about fell off my chair laughing. Its from an article about beach goer's snarling up the traffic for miles around....

"I'm a Christian and I have learned a Scripture to always be content in whatever state you're in," said Arner, who has lived there for 50 years. She is accustomed to sitting at the edge of her driveway in her car, blinker blinking away. "I have to keep asking the Lord to help me with that when I'm thinking, when am I going to get a break?"

Seriously, God. Please stop paying attention to national disasters, sick children and putting your sons image on a god damn grilled cheese and help this lady put the old Pontiac on the street, would ya? And if you cant do that, please allow her to be comfortable sitting in the driveway with the blinker going and all that. What is it, your day off!?! Sheesh.

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